Anastasia Pather.

Finger painter | Matron (in kind) of the arts | Director of AP.AD

I am interested in power and its relationship to value and ownership. This fascination is explored through intuitive paintings that often reference the land, sea or body. The tension power creates is both brutal and beautiful in order to be balanced, with a natural order of apex predators and prey living simultaneously in a space. A dialogue between predator and prey, and in turn value and status remains constantly contentious as it is at the same time wild and intuitive yet strategic and binary, often resulting in a winner and a loser.

Watching the battle and hunt in the bush and at the boardroom, surgery table or wedding aisle is what I think about when I paint. When I paint, my mind communicates with me through a nonverbal language of gesture and images rather than thoughts. I put away all my references and research and the muscle memory of fingers guides the composition. It is an intimate, cathartic and hedonistic process.